Not Just an El Paso Show – Episode 6

Join the crew as they talk about, not farting on your girlfriend even if you’re unconscious, Neon Desert, climate change and our Netflix Pick: War Machine with Pothead Pitt… Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Not Just an El Paso Show – Episode 6

  1. HEY!!!! Just barely had time to finish listening to the show!! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I love you all, except Jesus he’s a little bitch!!! However, I do agree with him on the whole teepee thing. As a civil/environmental engineer I see a teepee as shelter and not an ethnic thing. Because I live in a southern charm home doesn’t mean I am from Alabama. It’s just a way to beat the heat. For the band that did take it out of context, they need to grow up and fight the real injustices happening in the world. Like global warming, people living without clean water, or for child slavery in developing countries that export to the US so we can have iPhones/Android Phones. It’s ridiculous and childish on what people complain about now a days. As for the whole Paris Climate Agreement, first off, Nicaragua isn’t a part of it because they say it does not go far enough to protect the world from climate change. Secondly, Syria has been at war for almost 4-5 years now so what’s the point in actually participating in something that global. Lastly, Trump is a douche like Jesus for thinking this was political. China has taken major steps, far greater steps in reducing their carbon footprint. Yes, at one point they were the leading polluters but considering the size of their population, the US is the second most largest polluter in the world with a population of about 326 million. Compare that to China being the number one polluter in the world but also having the number one largest population at 1388 million (1.4 billion). The thing with Trump is that all he wants to do is like what I think JB said is do away with everything Obama has ever done. He despises Obama and he is sick and is in need of some serious help. Thank you again for the birthday wishes, made my night 🙂 Rant over.


  2. long time listener, first time comment. can you clear up a quick question? are you promoting El Paso? because i heard a lot of bashing of the city in this cast the first part of it. a host even said she would rather DIE than go to a local music fest. Then the group continue to beat up Neon Desert Fest. I’m just confused/curious.
    thanx again, cant wait for the next cast!!


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